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"The Antichrist:  What you can know, what you need to know"

Americans embrace pluralism, poll says
By Michael Foust
Apr 19, 2011
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--A majority of Americans mostly reject universalism -- the belief that all people will be saved -- but nevertheless believe that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, with a plurality saying that good works are the key to entrance into heaven, according to a new analysis of Barna surveys.
The data, released April 18, shows that millions of adults reject the clear teachings of Scripture that faith alone, in Christ alone is necessary for salvation. Although Americans may distance themselves from universalism, they tend to embrace pluralism -- the belief that different religions lead to heaven.  Click here to read more

Obama to recognise Palestinian state with '67 borders - A reported willingness by the White House to vote for the creation of a Palestinian state in the UN signals unprecedented trust issues with Netanyahu's government and will likely exacerbate US-Israeli relations

Israel hails success of new rocket interceptor - Israel said on Sunday its new Iron Dome interceptor had successfully shot down at least eight Palestinian rockets in mid-air aimed at Israeli cities, and other countries were already expressing interest. But smaller towns closer to the border remain exposed to shorter-range fire and have been repeatedly hit.

Israeli police barred spectators from attending two Premier League matches in southern Israel on Saturday because of a fear of possible rocket strikes by Palestinians in Gaza. The cities of Beersheba, about 30 km from Gaza, and Ashdod, 15 km north of the Strip, have been hit in the past few days by rockets. The games were played in empty stadiums.

Violent protests continued to roil Syria on Sunday as human rights activists reported that President Bashar al-Assad was using soldiers and tanks against demonstrators and sealing off the port city of Baniyas. Four people were killed in Baniyas as security forces and rooftop snipers opened fire on hundreds of demonstrators outside the Al-Rahman mosque. (Washington Post)

The Three Statements of Thomas:  A journey of doubt and how to avoid it.