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The Future: A Scenario

I am often asked where I think the world is headed.  I am making a rare—and possibly foolish—excursion into the future.  Whether for entertainment purposes or whether I am “spot on,” here is a scenario for the future.
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  1.  Libya continues into civil war, with stronger measures taken by Qaddafi.  This becomes an unhealthy diversion for the western world, causing them to fail to see events of greater significance.
  2. Saudi Arabia enters the fray, quickly followed by Jordan.  The Saudi government largely puts down opposition, but at the cost of increasing animosity by Saudi’s.  Jordan’s minority leadership is secretly propped up by American money and munitions.
  3. Iran’s Islamic government becomes continuously burdened by pro-democracy demonstrators.  This holds Iran’s “progress” back, which western prognosticators call victory.
  4. Egypt struggles to hold an election.  The results are questionable, but upheld by an international elections commission designed to ensure the fair nature of the election.  While the world recognizes the elected leader, he never has the support of the man on the street.  Egypt remains in a constant state of disarray.
  5. Out of one of the Islamic countries (perhaps one of the smaller ones, such as Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, but possibly one of the larger ones like Iran, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia) a local Islamic leader arises as a coalition builder.  In a popular uprising he becomes the leader of his nation in a bloodless coup.  This news is reported with only passing reference in the western world.
  6. “Spontaneously,” the citizens of other Arab nations line up with this new leader.  The leader gains tremendous popularity and respect throughout the Arab world.  Other Arab nations rally around leaders who have rallied around this leader.  These “battalion chiefs” begin to lead a loosely tied coalition of Arab sentiment.  Over a period of 18 months from the rise of this leader, all Arab nations have either had a bloodless coup or a change of direction from leaders in place, and the Arab world is, for the first time, walking in a harmony of spirit, under a spiritual-like (but possibly secular) leader.  This leader is popular, possibly democratically elected, charismatic, and seems even somewhat benevolent and harmless.
  7. First brought about by turmoil, then manipulated by Arab coalition and cohesion, the price of oil skyrockets over time to consistently over $200/barrel, if not much higher.
  8. Encouraged by their own citizenship, the Arab oil markets begin to demand payment in something other than the US Dollar.  This is could be an electronic currency not in existence today.  Such a move destroys the American economy, and the DOW drops to the 4,000 mark.
  9. The sudden loss of paper wealth in the American economy, along with the loss of the advantage that has come to America because of the global nature of the dollar, causes tremendous chaos in America, including the collapse of the banking system, widespread food shortages, 25%  or more unemployment, electrical blackouts for days at a time, and civil unrest.
  10. Within weeks, the Unites States experiences the greatest economic and political unrest it has seen since the Civil War.  It fails to find a leader around whom it can rally.  For the remaining years of time the USA is a struggling and fallen giant.
  11.  The absence of the military might of the USA amid the cohesion of the Arab world brings about an attack on Israel by the Arab world.  This attack is with might and precision, but as the attack ensues, Israel is able to fight back with a God-given miraculous strength.  Possibly even with natural disasters, God works against the Arab enemy of Israel.  The Arab coalition suffers immeasurable defeat in northern Israel,  Lebanon, and Syria.
  12.  The humiliating defeat of the Arab coalition brings about a collapse of Islam itself.  Islamic hope is lost, and the followers of Mohamed flee Islam for secularism.
  13.  Europe works to rebuild the Middle East, reconstructing the ancient city of Babylon as the capital of “New Arabia.”  Europe positions itself strategically to benefit from the oil profits, collapse of Islam, and the disarray of the USA. 
  14. Israel is at peace, and having a complete spiritual revival.  Secular Jews are becoming religiously orthodox.  The loss of her enemy and the rise of her spirituality works together to bring about the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.  It appears that Israel has won the battle.
  15. Out of Syria, a charismatic leader begins to rise to prominence, leading the secular New Arabia to quickly become a favored region, as he himself becomes the darling of European sophisticates.  This leader enters into covenant with Israel, Europe, and New Arabia, forming a powerful economic and political coalition that looks like it will dominate the earth for the next 100 years.

Am I right in my scenario?  Only time will tell.  Certainly on some of these points I will be totally wrong.  Possibly on the tone of the scenario I will be totally right. 

I have left out a very significant event:  the rapture.  This event could take place at any point leading up to and before the last sentence of item #15. 

I have also left out the seven years of history that takes place after #15.  These years are described fully in scripture and require little speculation.

I may be totally misinterpreting the times.  I do not claim to be a prophet.  In fact, I declare that I am not a prophet.  I am simply making an attempt to place the words of the prophets into the times in which we live. 

Come what may, I’m ready.  Are you?
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Randy White,
Apr 11, 2011, 1:47 PM