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The Three Statements of Thomas

Have you ever wondered how Jesus' disciple became known as the Doubting Disciple?   Did you know that only three statements of Thomas are recorded in scripture?  This new 20 page printable resource shows the doubt that was in Thomas' heart all along the journey.  

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SpiritWorks::The Person, Power, and Program of the Holy Spirit.
This 5-part sermon series includes--
Who is the Holy Spirit?
The work of the Holy Spirit for the saved.
The Work of the Holy Spirit for the lost.
The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit.
Why I am not a Charismatic

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Recent Articles--

What about the weather?

Tornadoes in Alabama.  Wildfires in Texas.  Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan.  Do phenomenal weather and geological occurrences tell us anything about the days in which we live?  Click here to read article.


On her website, charismatic evangelist Paula White writes, “Passover blessings have begun, don’t miss out on yours!”  Click here to read more.

Passover and the Last Supper
Next week is the ancient Hebrew observance of Passover and the feast of Unleavened Bread.  The Israelites in Egypt were given instruction to observe these as "a permanent ordinance" (Exodus 12:14).  To this day—3,500 years later—Jewish families are faithful to conduct the Passover Seder to be reminded of their flight from Egypt.  The Passover is the longest running religious observance known to man.
If the feasts were to be “a permanent ordinance,” should the Christian believer be conducting a Passover meal in his home?  Click here to read more.

Motivated by Rewards
I hear very little chatter, preaching, teaching, or discussion about heavenly rewards for the believer.  Most of what I do hear carries a negative tone, such as, “I’m not motivated by rewards, I just do what I do because I love the Lord.”  Though such talk has a sanctimonious feel, I wonder if it has a Biblical base.

Rewards are clearly taught in the New Testament.  I believe that an understanding of rewards can motivate our walk with Jesus and our service for His coming Kingdom.   I want to share four key elements to a proper understanding of rewards—Click here to read more.

Anti-Israel Bias at Baptist Press
I've become increasingly distressed that Baptist Press, my own denominations news service, seems to have such a pro-Palestinian approach to coverage of issues in Israel.  They primarily do not cover any of the significant events of Israel, and when they do it typically puts Israel in a bad light. --Click here to read more.


News of Interest

There are so many events in our world today that have prophetic or Biblical implications.  Here are a few of the stories I am reading.

Americans embrace pluralism, poll says
By Michael Foust
Apr 19, 2011
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--A majority of Americans mostly reject universalism -- the belief that all people will be saved -- but nevertheless believe that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, with a plurality saying that good works are the key to entrance into heaven, according to a new analysis of Barna surveys.
The data, released April 18, shows that millions of adults reject the clear teachings of Scripture that faith alone, in Christ alone is necessary for salvation. Although Americans may distance themselves from universalism, they tend to embrace pluralism -- the belief that different religions lead to heaven.  Click here to read more
A reported willingness by the White House to vote for the creation of a Palestinian state in the UN signals unprecedented trust issues with Netanyahu's government and will likely exacerbate US-Israeli relations

Israel hails success of new rocket interceptor - Israel said on Sunday its new Iron Dome interceptor had successfully shot down at least eight Palestinian rockets in mid-air aimed at Israeli cities, and other countries were already expressing interest. But smaller towns closer to the border remain exposed to shorter-range fire and have been repeatedly hit.  http://www.dailyalert.org/

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