The Omni Nature of God (Ask the Theologian)

AskTheTheologianLogo-FinalWhat does it mean that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient? These words are not used in the Bible, but they are often used by Christians to describe God.

Do you know that Omnipresence is true of God, but not true of God the Father or God the Son? Or do you know that Omniscience is not true of God the Son but is true of God? Do you know that Omnipotence is in the hands of the Son?

Learn about Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence of God in this edition of Ask the Theologian.

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Speaking in Tongues | Ask the Theologian

AskTheTheologianLogo-FinalWhen the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 believers on the day of Pentecost they began to speak in tongues. It appears that they were speaking languages that they could not understand, and were thus able to communicate to the Jewish pilgrims who had come from around the world to observe the Jewish Feast of Pentecost (a memorial observation celebrating the receiving of the Law). More…

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Christian Psychology? | Ask the Theologian

AskTheTheologianLogo-FinalPsychology has become a major industry, and “Christian Psychology” is a sub-industry that has adopted the same fundamental ideas as Freud, Jung, and other fathers of modern psycho-analysis. When a Pastor is confronted with a difficult issue in counseling, he will often make a referral to a Christian counselor or psychologist. More…

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The God of Judgment or the God of Love [Ask the Theologian]


What is the character of God? Often we create a god in our own mind.

Today’s question has to do with the “mean God” of the Old Testament and the “loving God” of the New Testament. How can God be so seemingly different?

Video and audio available below. To request a DVD of this episode ($5), call toll-free 855-437-9448. More…

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