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Ouija Boards, Seances, and Occultic Practices

At this time of year, there are a lot of enticements toward the mystery of a Ouija board and the aura of a séance. This broadcast deals with the occult (from a Latin term for “hidden”). The occult is a worship form–worship of that which is concealed. Since God has revealed Himself and His will in the Bible, Christians avoid occultic worship.…

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Will We Be Left Behind?

There is an anti-pretribulation rapture movement in the church today. Many church leaders, with a strong disdain for dispensational theology, are attacking the doctrine of a pre-trib rapture with a new fervor. The anti-rapture movement is growing, and is filled with misinformation. With the latest “Left Behind” movie, questions about and attacks on the rapture are very common. As one…


Demon Possession – Plain and Simple

Demon possession is something we read a lot about in the Gospels, hear about from the mission field, but have very little experience with in the Western world. In this episode of Ask the Theologian, Dr. Randy White uses Luke 8 and the story of the Gerasene Demoniac to discuss demon possession and, perhaps even more importantly, demon position. You…