6-Hour Prophecy Seminar


Dear Pastor:

 Over the last year I have put together a couple of Bible seminars that were delivered at my church: First Baptist Church of Katy, TX. These were so well received within my own congregation that I have been led to make them available to other churches as well.

 My burden as I put these seminars together was to provide opportunity for the participants to gain a big picture story of the Bible. As pastors, when we stand up to preach, we typically take a small passage of Scripture and mine out the deep Biblical truths of God’s Word. While this approach is both necessary and beneficial, our audience is often left unaware of the full scope of Biblical teaching. They get microscopic descriptions of individual units, but miss the macrocosmic setting in which those pieces are displayed.

 That is why I put together these two Bible seminars. It was my desire to create a unique seminar where the participants could catch a glimpse of the full forest rather than individual trees. I also wanted a seminar in which the entire teaching would be completed before the participants went home and changed their focus to other agendas. Because of this, these unique seminars are designed as a Friday night study that begins at 6:00 PM and concludes at midnight! (Other schedule options are available on a limited basis).

 When I first announced a six to midnight seminar to my congregation,  I was not sure anyone besides my wife would attend. And I was afraid she might leave early! To my surprise, more than 175 people came, and 90% of them stayed all the way through.  When I conducted the second seminar, over 200 attended and almost nobody left early! I believe one or both of these seminars could have equal success at your church and have a powerful impact on all those involved.

 It is my passion and desire to help people get a firm grasp on the teachings of the Bible. To achieve that goal, I have tried to put together an inexpensive yet fun-filled and powerful night of Bible study.  This is a totally free seminar for your church.  The two seminars currently offered are, “Six Hours Through the Bible: Getting the Big Picture!” and “A Six Hour Walk in the Future: Biblical Prophecy Unveiled.”

 If this is something you would be interested in, contact my assistant, Joel Britton (joel@randywhiteministries.org). Joel will handle any questions you may have and if you so desire will help you schedule one of the seminars as we work together for a wonderful evening of study and fellowship.

 Whether it be 10 people or hundreds of people that participate, I believe each will be blessed by gaining a more complete picture of the Bible.

 In His grace,

Dr. Randy White,